Witmer Brings Benton Building Back to Life

The Charles L Benton Building sits in downtown Baltimore, housing several government agencies and hundreds of employees. Over the years, the 15-story building had deteriorated from natural elements and pollutants. Dark carbon stained the exterior and hundreds of small holes made way for rain water, wind, and birds to enter the building.
                  With so much damage, the city needed to restore the building. Once the interior of the building had undergone modernization and upgrades, it was time to tackle problems on the building’s exterior.
                  ABC member firm, Witmer Restoration, with offices in Baltimore, http://www.thewitmergroup.com/index.php/witmer-services/witmer-restoration cleaned the entire structure, repaired all of the deficiencies in the limestone, and applied a water repellent to the building’s exterior. Witmer also replaced hundreds of deteriorated limestone panels at the base of the building with new polished granite. See the transformation for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkY82aYL3TY