Why We Like Susan Aumann

Susan L.M. Aumann
R- District 42B, Baltimore County

A native of Baltimore, Delegate Susan Aumann has long been a friend of small business and the merit shop construction industry. Since 2014, she has been a member of the House Economic Matters Committee, supporting issues that impact Maryland’s growing economy. For the last two years, she’s served on the subcommittees of banking, economic development, science & technology subcommittee; business regulation; and consumer protection & commercial law subcommittee.

Prior to that, Aumann advocated on behalf of small business interests while serving on the Joint Committee on the Management of Public Funds, 2003-07; and the Appropriations Committee, 2003-13 (including subcomittees on education and economic development, 2003-06; oversight committee on pensions, 2003-13; oversight committee on personnel, 2003-13; and transportation and the environment, 2007-13).

Aumann came well-prepared to tackle Maryland’s economic struggles, having served as an accountant and auditor in the financial services industry, prior to becoming a member of the House of Delegates in 2003. On her 2016 voting record, Aumann received a 92 percent pro-business score from the Maryland Business for Responsive Government’s Roll Call, Maryland’s only non-partisan report card on how Maryland’s General Assembly voted on important issues in creating jobs, job stability, and pro-business legislation.