‘Why I Work in Construction’ Jerry Clark

Name:  Jerry Clark

Company: Owner, LD Marine Services

Trade:  Marine Mechanical Contractor – HVAC/R and RO (reverse osmosis) Desalinization

After working in a variety of marine-related fields, Jerry Clark founded his own marine mechanical contracting firm in 2008. Here’s how he made the leap and what inspires him.

Why and how did you get into the construction trade?

An old school waterman and marine mechanic, by the name of Bobby, took me under his wing and started me on learning and understanding marine propulsion and onboard systems.  I had no idea where it would lead, and Bobby has my deep gratitude for starting me with a trade that fed me and my daughter through the economic disaster that rocked the marine business starting in 2006.

At the time, customer discretionary spending evaporated, but as they say:  Intelligence is adaptability to conditions.  We added to our toolbox and began servicing the HVAC/R, plumbing, and electrical needs of our boating and waterfront clients, as well as propulsion systems. Even when times are tough, clients will pay to be cool in the heat and warm in the cold!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really enjoy the ability to work with a variety of people, to learn new systems and tech as they come to market, and to work in, around and on the water.

I would recommend the marine mechanical contracting to those that are willing to work hard and adapt to the seasonal nature of the work.  It takes planning, forethought, and a varied skill set, but you won’t be ensconced in a cubicle or tied to a computer screen.  Your hands will get dirty and your bills will get paid.