Senator James N. Mathias, Jr.

Democrat, District 38, Somerset, Wicomico & Worcester Counties

Since he took Senate office five years ago, Senator Jim Mathias has fought for small business interests, focusing on legislation that would help, not hinder, jobs and the economy. 

A member of the Finance Committee and the Governor’s Commission on Small Business, Senator Mathias has been a strong supporter of the merit shop construction industry and its principles of free and open competition.  He has demonstrated this support by opposing the expansion of prevailing wage, and opposing unrealistic scheduling bills and unnecessary safety requirements already covered by MOSA and OSHA.

As a Democrat, Mathias has reached across the aisle on other issues related to small business growth, including joining a bi-partisan coalition to pass the Job Creation and Recovery Tax Credit, which benefits businesses that hire unemployed Marylanders. Other pro-business votes include extending the Employment Opportunity Tax Credit; and creating tax credits to help small business defray the cost of investments in renewable energy. Mathias also co-sponsored successful legislation to get more small businesses off the ground by making it easier for them to get loans at below-market interest rates.