Reliable Contracting Sets the Groundwork for Hospital-Centered Hampton Inn

With its world-class hospitals and medical facilities, Baltimore needs enough hotel rooms to house patients and the loved ones caring for them. The Hampton Inn Bayview Hotel, which opened in 2018 on busy Eastern Avenue in Baltimore City, is centrally located to the area’s top hospitals and provides an additional 115 rooms.    

Reliable Contracting Company, Inc., of Gambrills, Maryland was chosen as the site work contractor for the much-needed hotel. Reliable—Anne Arundel County’s largest site work contractor—was tasked with constructing the site’s infrastructure and clearing the 2.6-acre site. Its work involved 30,000 cubic yards of undercut and refill for the building pad. Reliable also installed all infrastructure on and offsite, including sewer force main and pump stations, and provided concrete and paving.

Despite the small construction site, Reliable encountered many obstacles, including unsuitable soil, unmarked utilities, and hidden foundations of former factories, warehouses and an abandoned railroad.  The contractor’s utility crews worked many long, difficult nights installing water and sewer force main lines, and cutting through 2 1/2 feet of asphalt and concrete on busy Eastern Ave. Reliable’s portion of the work, valued at $1.6 million, lasted 26 months. Reliable completed the project with zero safety incidents due to their diligence and commitment to safety.

For its work completing the project on time and on budget, Reliable won ABC Chesapeake Shores Excellence in Construction Award. Read more about Reliable Contracting Company, Inc., here.