Move Maryland Forward With These Initiatives, Says Dee Hodges of the Maryland Taxpayers Association

In an op-ed for, Hodges offers several tax relief initiatives aimed at spurring growth and helping Maryland’s economy thrive. “Government should always be about fostering conditions — laws, regulations, and taxes — to better enable the citizens to thrive,” writes Hodges.

Federal Railroad Administration Plan Could Mean Economic Growth for Baltimore, State

The Federal Railroad Administration’s recently released 30-year plan for the Northeast corridor includes proposals that would significantly reduce the rail travel time between Baltimore and New York City—down to 1 hour and 45 minutes–potentially spurring economic growth, according to an editorial in The Baltimore Sun. The Northeast Corridor is expected to grow by 7 million residents by 2040 according to FRA’s study. As with everything infrastructure, the FRA’s plan comes at a cost, but one the editorial says is necessary for the nation’s busiest transportation corridor.

Infrastructure Projects Show Big Economic Returns, Big Hurdles to Fund, Treasury Department Study Finds

In a study released on December 30, the Treasury Department listed 40 transportation and water infrastructure projects nationwide with the potential for major returns on investment, reports Engineering News-Record. The report estimates that capital costs would total more than $330 billion, but that net economic benefits would be between $500 billion and $1.1 trillion. Despite the high ROI, the study noted that 39 of the projects face major funding shortfalls and funding remains the biggest hurdle to overcome.