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Nearly 90 percent of Maryland’s construction workforce belongs to the Merit Shop, where pay increases and the opportunity for advancement is determined solely by an individual’s own merit and not by seniority or ‘who you know.’ And even though the Merit Shop dominates the market, it has struggled at times in getting its message heard in Annapolis.

At the end of the day, there is no more powerful strategy than in marshaling the collective voices of the thousands of small business owners and employees who represent the industry.

None of us can afford to stand on the sidelines. At We Build Maryland, we are asking 200 Merit Shop contractors to either volunteer individually or designate one person from your firm to serve on our grassroots team.

Get Involved!

As a Grassroots Member You May Be Asked to. . .

There will be times during the General Assembly when we need businesses to contact their elected representative to express concern or support for a particular piece of legislation. We will provide you with the name of your representative along with everything you need to convey your feelings on a particular issue. We will guarantee the whole process won’t take longer than a couple of minutes!