Kyle Zellman : Hirsch Electric

A second-generation electrician, Kyle Zellman has worked as an electrician for more than 14 years. Zellman also passes on his knowledge to the next generation as an electrical instructor for Associated Builders and Contractor’s electrical apprenticeship training program.

Why did you get into the trade?

My father was an electrician who took pride in his work and showed my brother and me the correct way of the trade. As I moved through the trade and learned that a lot of people were taking shortcuts and not shown the right way to do things, focusing instead on quantity over quality, I decided to go after my masters and show the future a better way. If anyone looks closely the term “skilled trade” is losing its “skill” because of the old school being afraid of teaching new guys the skill and losing their jobs. So, to pass on the knowledge my father gave to me and what I have learned in the field, I am teaching in the field and in the classroom. 

What do you like most about your job?

I like coming in everyday to push guys to their limits and show them what they are capable of. I like being part of the team that bands together to make things work and impress our clients. I enjoy new systems that challenge me to put together and bring up. I love to learn anything that pertains to my field, and, most of all, I love teaching future electricians the skill in my trade.