Hirsch Electric Sparks the Next Generation

When it comes to living its corporate mission of being a regional industry leader “by maintaining a motivated and skilled workforce,” Baltimore-based Hirsch Electric goes one step further than just employee retention and advancement. It starts in its own back yard, sparking the next generation of electrical craft workers from a community where often the hopes of a bright future are dim at best.

Ten years ago, Hirsch Electric was the first contractor to jump on board the newly-formed Project JumpStart, a pre-apprenticeship program aimed at providing opportunities for disadvantaged Baltimore youth to learn a craft and to enter the construction field.  Hirsch became the first contractor to hire a JumpStart graduate.  

“Hirsch Electric has been one of our lead employers. Their commitment to Project JumpStart has been consistent and long standing. Their support of us and the placed graduate has positively impacted numerous lives. I hate to think where we would be without this critical support,” says Kate McShane, who oversees job placement for Project JumpStart.

Hirsch has focused on quality craftsmanship since 1979, when Joseph Hirsch founded the existing company as Joseph J. Hirsch, Inc. The firm began operating under the name of Hirsch Electric, LLC in July of 2001 when Joseph’s brother, Tom Hirsch, joined in ownership.

In the last 15 years, Hirsch has grown to a sales level in excess of $25 million and a workforce of more than 175 highly trained individuals, several of whom are JumpStart graduates who have moved up the proverbial ladder of success.

Hirsch’s own success lies in this commitment to providing highly skilled craft workers, who in turn provide the best quality finished product to its loyal customers, many of whom turn to Hirsch time and again for their electrical projects.  

Hirsch has completed $2.5 million worth of work on Bowie City Hall, an 80,000 square-foot municipal facility that houses the council chamber, police department, city manager’s office and various other city departmental offices.  The building was constructed with efficiency and sustainability at the forefront, ultimately receiving LEED GOLD status. 

Hirsch has also recently begun $13 million electrical project, which will be its largest electrical project yet for the new Frederick High School in Frederick, MD, which will become the largest green high school in the United States upon its completion.

In addition to its role with JumpStart, Hirsch contributes to the community through its involvement in   nearly two dozen other charitable organizations, including Frederick High School, Helping Up Mission, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Maryland School for the Blind, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Vehicles for Change, and Woodbourne Children’s Center.

“Just like constructing a project is a team effort, we take the same team approach with our charitable endeavors. It is part of the culture here at Hirsch Electric, LLC,” says Tom Hirsch, company president.