David Johnson: REACH! Partnership School / Baltimore City Public School System

David Johnson brings his 27 years of experience as an electrician to the classroom as a vocational instructor in Baltimore’s REACH! Partnership School. Through his knowledge and enthusiasm, Johnson encourages Baltimore youth to pursue a career in the trades.

How did you get into the trade?

            I developed an interest in the electrical trade at the age of 8. My father worked for Baltimore County Traffic Engineering and fed my interests from then on. When family or friends would call on my Dad for help, I was always on his heels as his helper. By high school, I knew I wanted to work in the electrical field either as an electrical engineer or a construction electrician. I got my first job as an electrical helper when I graduated from Mergenthaler Vo-Tech in 1989. Now, I follow in my former teachers’ footsteps by training high school students in NCCER CORE and Electrical 1 programs.

What do you like most about your job?

         As far as electrical work goes, I love working with electricity. I look at it as a challenge: taking something that is really considered untamable, and making it a usable source. From generating to distribution, working in the electrical field has always fascinated me. I also enjoy helping others when it comes to electrical repairs. Making people feel comfortable that their house is safe and secure is a good feeling.

          As far as teaching, it has its challenges. The great reward is when you see that one student, the one who everyone else said couldn’t be taught, excel to the top of the class and get a job in the field as either a helper or 1st year apprentice. That’s when you know it’s all worth it.