Meet Hirsch Electric LLC

Knowing the business from the bottom up is the key to leadership success in the construction industry. That’s true of Baltimore-based Hirsch Electric, LLC, where three of the company’s six current co-owners are related to the founder.

The Baltimore-based electrical contractor, which specializes in large commercial projects, was started by Joseph Hirsch (now retired) in 1979. Back then it was known as Joseph J. Hirsch, Inc. When his brother, Tom, became joint owner in July of 2001, the company began operating as Hirsch Electric, LLC.

“I was given an opportunity to come into my family business after college and working in sales for a few years. When I came in, I started from the bottom and attended 4 years of apprenticeship school and worked in the field to truly learn the industry. These years in the field helped me grow to understand the industry as a whole,” says Adam Hirsch, head of human resources, and Tom’s son.

Tom, the company’s current CEO, will retire at year’s end. The other family ownership member is John Hirsch, Adam’s brother, who serves as CFO. Non-related members of Hirsch’s ownership include Jeff Yingling, president; Chuck Murray purchasing manager; and Tom Livezey, operations manager.

Value added

Since Hirsch Electric, LLC was formed, the company has grown to a sales level in excess of $40 million annually and a workforce of over 200 highly trained craftspeople and staff. Recent high-profile projects include Under Amour’s corporate headquarters, McCormick’s world headquarters, Children’s National Hospital, 555 President St. Apartments (Avalon Bay), and Fredrick High School.

The company credits its success to repeat business from satisfied clients. “We consistently demonstrate a level of integrity and stability that has led to many continuing relationships with clients who appreciate our reliable and timely completion of projects, and our leadership,” says Hirsch.

Adam Hirsch also credits the company’s dedicated workforce with setting the foundation for customer satisfaction. As human resource director, workforce satisfaction is something Hirsch focuses on and takes pride in.  

“The thing that makes our company so unique is our culture. We truly value each and every one of our employees. We try to help them grow in the field but also support them as individuals,” says Hirsch.

Workforce focus

Like the on-the-job training he received when he first started out, Adam Hirsch makes sure his employees get what they need to succeed in the industry. “Developing our workforce is crucial to continue to have the success we have had in the industry. Our company would not be anything without the workforce,” he says.

The company provides employees with both internal and external opportunities for training and for furthering their education. It routinely sends its apprentices to apprenticeship school and sends its mechanics to get their masters license. Hirsch Electric has also created an in-house training program to help develop apprentices and mechanics for them to reach their full potential, says Hirsch.

“We have a training center right here in our warehouse for them to learn new things and grow as electricians. At times it’s hard to train on a project site with the pace of the projects, so bringing the employees into a controlled environment where they can truly be taught has been a blessing for the employee and ourselves. The more they learn and get better it is a win-win for everyone,” he says.

Hirsch Electric also takes pride in its various charitable endeavors, from working with Helping up Mission, to collecting toys for children at Family Outreach, to supporting Kennedy Krieger at the Festival of Trees, or having a group in the Red Shoe Shuffle with Ronald McDonald House. “We also work very closely with individuals that are in recovery and looking to start a new path. It speaks to our values and culture,” says Hirsch.

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