‘Legislators We Like’

Delegate Darryl Barnes
Democrat-District 25, Prince George’s County

A member of the Maryland House of Delegates since 2015, Del. Darryl Barnes is a pro-business Democrat who has worked to move Maryland forward. A member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Barnes recently introduced HB 325-State Procurement-Payment Practices.

The prompt payment bill seeks to provide protection to parties on the construction chain and help ensure that projects are funded and seen through to completion.

The bill does several things that benefit the construction industry and move Maryland’s economy forward, including:

  • It reduces time for payment from the state—from the current 30 days after it is due under the contract to 15 days;
  • It begins the clock for interest to run beginning 16 days after contract deadline for payment or receipt of invoice instead of 45 days;
  • It eliminates the requirement that a contractor must submit an invoice within 30 days in order to get interest.
  • It makes interest on unpaid invoices under State procurement contracts payable after 37 days (instead of 45 days) from when the agency receives an invoice.

HB 325 has already made its way through both legislative chambers, with amendments. The bill generally takes effect July 1, 2022, but the provision related to the accrual of interest on unpaid invoices takes effect June 1, 2023.

The Deputy Majority Whip since 2017, Del. Barnes is the current chair of the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus and also serves on the Maryland Veterans Caucus.

In addition to his legislative role, Barnes is also the president and CEO of the Bi-County Business Roundtable, and organization that represents small businesses in Prince George’s County. The Roundtable’s primary mission is to assist companies with procurement opportunities, networking, and advocacy.